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  • Fits 2 x Thermo
  • MOLLE Backing
  • Suitable For BFGs

    An ideal MOLLE compatible Airsoft pouch for holding double thermo grenades or smoke screening grenades as pictured. 

    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Holds 3x 40mm Shells
    • Velcro Sealed Pouches

    A pouch designed to carry up to 3 40mm MOSCARTs or grenades, this MOLLE compatible pouch allows Airsofters easy access to their grenades at all times.  

    • Dual MOLLE Loops
    • Removable Carry Strap
    • Velcro Front for Patches

    A MOLLE compatible Utility Pouch which can be attached to rigs and vests, but mainly Backpacks and Bags on the side for extra storage of Water Bottles, tools and more, and can even be worn over the shoulder with the supplied carry strap. 

    • MOLLE Pouch
    • Holds Two Grenade
    • Velcro Flap Enclosure

    A lightweight double grenade pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE rigs to store 40mm MOSCART / Gas Grenades. The pouches are constructed from heavy duty 1000D Nylon fabric, and feature a velcro flap enclosure.