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From £19.99

A Cheap Budget Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Shotgun, which is a great purchase for a bit of fun or as a crazy secondary weapon for CQB

From £24.99

A super compact Airsoft Single Shot 6mm BB Shotgun, based on the M870 designed for Breaching through doors and going into buildings.

From £29.99

    A spring powered pump action 6mm BB Airsoft shotgun, designed to function like a real shotgun for use in Airsoft skirmishes and events.

    From £29.99

    The Double Eagle M58B is a Spring Powered Pump Action Shotgun with a Single Barrel, meaning that it can fire BBs with more power and accuracy than its' Tri-Burst equivalents.

    From £39.99
    • Tri-Burst Shotgun
    • Fed by Mock Shells
    • Tough Construction

    A tough and dense Polymer constructed tri-burst spring powered Airsoft shotgun which takes mock shotgun shells in the breech, and loads three rounds into the chamber each time you pump the shotgun.

    From £44.99
    • Pump Action
    • Shell Loaded
    • Stockless

    This Airsoft Shotgun is a faithful replica of the stock-less SPAS-12 which has been featured in countless games, movies and more, and is an iconic weapon well known by all. This particular Airsoft shotgun is pump action, meaning that to fire the replica you pump the grip which then loads the shots, and then pull the trigger to fire. The shotgun also has a neat trick up its sleeve, instead of firing a single BB at a time the gun has three barrels allowing it to shoot up to 3 BBs at once to create a spread pattern for more fun and realism. This shotgun is perfect for those just getting into Airsoft, for those who are looking to do some back yard shooting for fun, or even for those looking to do a specific load out themed around the gun itself.

    From £39.99
    • Tri-Burst
    • Shells Included
    • Perfect Backup RIF

    A compact spring-powered tri-burst Airsoft shotgun which is fed by 30rnd shotgun shells, delivering three BBs into separate barrels with each pump of the handle.

    From £59.99
    • Shell Loaded
    • Tri-Burst System
    • Sliding Stock System

    A Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Shotgun designed to Fire Three Pellets with every Shot, and is constructed with a Polymer Body, Pump, Grip, Cheek Rest and Butt Plate, with an Alloy Stock Tube, Barrels, Trigger and Internals.

    Time for some door kicking, wide spreading action!

    Looking for some serious firepower for those close encounters? Browse our Airsoft shotguns and BB shotguns. Find single-shot variants plus those powerful tri-burst pieces which simulate the spread of a real shotgun. 

    Plus, we have the option to choose between shell and magazine load styles so instead of pouring your BBs into a hole, our airsoft replicas add a higher level of realism. Don’t have your Airsoft Defence yet? Take a look at our two-tone Airsoft shotguns.

    We have a great selection of Airsoft shotguns from some of the best-known airsoft brands such as Tokyo Marui, NUPROL, CYMA, and ASG. If you're looking for Airsoft shotguns from a particular brand, it's likely we already have it, or can order it in for you. We also have shotguns to suit a range of budgets, from cheap Airsoft guns to top-of-the-range replicas.

    Our Airsoft shotguns typically take standard 6mm BBs, so why not take a look at our variety of BBs and get everything you need in one place? We even stock a wide range of Airsoft targets, so you can practice your shooting with your new rifle. Plus, with our next day delivery and interest-free finance plans, you can upgrade your game faster and easier than ever. 

    Shop our full collection online now or get in touch with a member of our team to help you choose the best replica for you, whether you’d like a shotgun or something else entirely like an Airsoft assault rifle or a WW2 Airsoft gun. Alternatively, browse other CQB weapons like our Airsoft grenades.