Specna Arms Brand Showcase

Specna Arms Brand Showcase

Specna Arms Brand Showcase

Today we're going to take a look at one of our favourite brands; Specna Arms! With years of experience pumping out high quality replicas at affordable cost, these Airsoft Guns are the perfect choice for beginners to the sport, but they will also appeal to more experienced players looking for more bang-for-their-buck out of the box.

Daniel Defense MK18 SA-C19 CORE

Specna Arms Daniel Defense MK18 SA-C19 CORE

This Airsoft Electric Gun is based on the MK18 Platform, and is essentially a Specna Arms CORE Series Replica with a fully licensed Daniel Defense 20mm MK18 Rail System. The MK18 is highly regarded for its' awesome looks, and this is no exception. This is an ideal Starter Gun, or a step-up in quality for someone looking for their next Primary.

Whether you're brand new to the sport or a seasoned pro, the Daniel Defense SA-C19 CORE is absolutely ideal. Providing solid quality at a lower cost than other out of the box Airsoft Guns, this is a sure choice for those looking for quality on a budget. It's not every day you see fully licensed Furniture (such as the Daniel Defense Handguard and Receiver engravings), especially not for such an agreeable price!

Specna Arms SA-E25 Edge Carbine

Specna Arms SA-E25 Carbine

The Specna Arms SA-E25 is an excellent addition to the EDGE series line up, providing a sleek & modern aesthetic with a bronze coated alloy upper receiver & M-LOK handguard, topped off with the official Rock River Arms trades, it's certainly settling in nicely as a go-to option for the weekend operator.

The Specna Arms SA-E25 comes with a top of the line set of features, meaning that out of the box you're good to go without ever wondering "What can I do to improve this?" because if we're being honest, you simply can't. With internal features such as an ORION Gearbox, a GATE X-ASR MOSFET, a reinforced piston & a double sealed aluminium piston cylinder head paired with the eye dazzling externals, it's safe to say you're bagging yourself a god-tier airsoft replica! If you're little unsettled with all the jargon above, not to worry! Specna are excellent at making their replicas first user friendly, so if you're dipping your toes into the ocean of airsoft & you're looking for a reliable replica to set you on your journey, the SA-E25 is nothing but smooth sailing.

Specna Arms SA-249 MK1 CORE

Specna Arms SA-249 CORE

Need to lay down some suppressing fire while your squad advances? Or perhaps you're re-enacting your favourite video game! Remember, no Russian! The SA-249 packs punch both in looks & performance giving you the LMG experience you deserve.

Straight out of the box you're greeted with a stunning 249' replica with many features that give it the authentic Specna Arms relability such as a Quick change spring system, an elctronic micro switch trigger unit, a steel gear set & Specna's classic quality alloy externals. In the box you'll receive a hefty 2500 round box magazine, leaving reloads in the dust so you can focus on returning fire whenever you need to. It might look complicated & scary, but fear not as it is incredibly easy & simple to use, all you have to do is pop a battery in the front end & atatch your box mag & you're good to go. Oh no! For got your box magazine & brought your AR / M4 chest rig set up? No bother! The SA-249 accepts STANAG / M4 / AR Style magazines too so you're always in the game. So whether you're a regular player looking for a change of pace or a MILSIM'er looking to nail that support gunner role, the SA-249 has all the bases covered

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