Bolster Armouries: Chiselled Airsoft Perfection - Platform Preview

Bolster Armouries: Chiselled Airsoft Perfection - Drop 3.5 Platform Preview

Bolster Armouries was founded with one primary mission: To provide Airsofters with a range of RIFs which has been fine-tuned to provide the absolute peak in attainable performance together with breathtaking external quality. Each of our replicas is hand-assembled by some of the most experienced Airsoft gun techs in the industry and is built to an exacting standard.

Conceived with the modern Airsofter in mind, Bolster Armouries RIFs sport some of the finest internal and external upgrades available on the Airsoft market today and are guaranteed to provide unparalleled performance. Every Bolster Armouries RIF is issued with a dedicated extended warranty and service package to ensure you get the complete experience the creators of these RIFs intended.

Bolster Armouries Drop 3.5 Platform Preview - Limited Release

Introducing Bolster Armouries' rarest and possibly most magnificent creation yet; the OBIRE Advanced MPX PCC. This is Bolster’s fastest platform ever conceived, edging out the previous ONYX and ATLAS in rate of fire thanks to a new combination of internal wizardry. 

The OBIRE PCC is limited to only 5 units worldwide and will almost definitely never be produced by Bolster Armouries again, meaning those lucky enough to get their hands on one will have an absolutely unique platform with uniquely devastating performance to go along with it. Let's take a look at what the Bolster Tech team has for us with Drop 3.5’s limited release, the OBIRE Advanced MPX PCC:


The externals are formed around the rock solid SigAir MPX AEG paired with the beautifully built Task Force MPX Carbine Kit, giving you the very best in external quality and materials along with detailed SIG trademarks fully licensed by SigAir. 


When compared with the original MPX SMG, the OBIRE PCC is a whole different animal. The outer barrel and handguard are extended out to 16 inches, transforming the compact 8-inch barreled MPX SMG into an elegant and agile Pistol Calibre Carbine based on one of the most sought-after 3-Gun competition setups in the real steel world. 


The extended M-LOK handguard is absolutely bristling with M-LOK slots and shaped to fit the hand perfectly just as it is, but the presence of M-LOK means if you want to deck it out, the OBIRE PCC is ready for it. Poking through the front of the handguard is a mighty-looking muzzle brake, capping off the OBIRE with the perfect mock muzzle device for a platform conceived with 3-Gun roots and the nimble feel of a pure-bred competition race rifle. 


Though it is finished with a convincing carbon fibre surface coating with a compelling texture which feels just like the real thing, the handguard is made from aluminium using CNC machining, giving it a massive strength advantage over real carbon fibre and more than enough durability to handle a hard life of skirmish knocks, bumps and scrapes. 

Solving one of the main issues with the original MPX, the SIG pistol grip has been removed and replaced with the Bolster favourite, the superb PTS Syndicate EPG, a rock-solid pistol grip made from DuPont's Zytel polymer. The grip angle of the EPG allows the Warhead 27K Base Brushless motor to mesh with the bevel gear far more cleanly than the original MPX, resulting in a smoother-sounding gearbox and far less wear and tear on the gears themselves and solving the main issue with the original MPX AEG design.  


As one might expect from a Bolster Build, the OBIRE PCC is fully upgraded on the inside and kitted out with the absolute best aftermarket parts in the business. All but the gearbox shell and receiver of the base platform have been stripped away and replaced with top-of-the-range parts chosen by technicians with a wealth of experience and talent.

The extended barrel allows the Laylax Prometheus EG 6.03mm stainless steel tightbore to be fitted, improving accuracy and enhancing air efficiency. At a generously long 407mm, the Prommy tightbore pairs with the Maple Leaf OMEGA nub, Laylax Prometheus Purple HOP-up rubber and Pro-Win CNC HOP-up unit to extend the OBIRE's range to the absolute maximum possible for a skirmish legal RIF, reaching 60m and beyond in good conditions using G&G's competition grade 0.28g BBs. 


Featuring for the first time in a Bolster build, the OBIRE is packing the Laylax EG 13:1 High Speed Gear Set which improves mechanical efficiency with a lower gear ratio; translating to less wear and tear on the motor, less current draw from the battery and a higher rate of fire than ever before. Laylax gears have an excellent reputation amongst Airsoft techs and their hardened steel construction and exceptionally tight tolerances give the OBIRE both the speed it needs to stay ahead of rivals and the robust nature to keep up with a heavy trigger finger and a "victory though superior firepower" mindset. 

The Laylax high speed gears are kept in check by the Lonex Hard Anti-reversal latch, adding a level of mechanical redundancy to prevent the gears from reversing. The Lonex ARL is constructed from hardened steel and was a necessary upgrade as the Laylax gearset would in all likelihood make mincemeat of the original VFC ARL. 

FPS Softair has the cylinder and tappet plate covered with its Steel Type D Cylinder and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Tappet Plate respectively. FPS Softair parts are manufactured in Italy by Airsofters who share the Bolster Team’s passion for high performance and superlative quality Airsoft upgrades and have proven to be capable of providing Bolster Armouries performance in previous Bolster builds. 

Another Bolster favourite, Gate Electronics, provides the compression parts for the OBIRE PCC. The Protector CNC Aluminium Cylinder Head and Power CNC Aluminium Hybrid Piston Head take pride of place inside, providing the flawless air seal and efficiency a Bolster build needs for perfect consistency and absolute minimum shot-to-shot FPS deviation.

The Gate TITAN MOSFET acts as the “brain” of the OBIRE PCC, providing unprecedented customisation options, exceptional electrical efficiency and the ability to program the almost limitless options the TITAN offers using Bluetooth, directly from your phone or mobile device via the Gate Control Station App. 

The remaining internal parts are provided by Bolster Armouries itself, with the Bolster M115 Spring and EZO Ball bearing bushings made to the exact specifications provided by Mark Pinder, Bolster Armouries head tech and the brain behind the first Bolster Armouries AEG, the ONYX. The Bolster spring is constructed from ferrosilicochrome with a zinc coating, granting low friction with high corrosion resistance and the EZO bearings are made in Japan by miniature ball bearing specialists Sapparo Precision Inc, known for its ultra-low friction bearings which set the standard around the world. 


The Bolster Armouries 24-Month Warranty and Service plan also applies to the OBIRE PCC, meaning if you have a parts failure during this period Bolster Armouries will have your back and get you shooting again as a priority. Even if your OBIRE still runs but you feel it could use a check over you can send it to Bolster Armouries for maintenance and a health check whenever you feel the need. Bolster Armouries is as much about the owners' experience as it is about the platform itself! 

If you love having the upper hand, like to move swiftly and prioritise rapid target-to-target transitions then you will absolutely love the OBIRE MPX PCC. OBIRE is Latin for The Bringer of Death, and though you may not bring death to your enemies with it, they will experience respawn far more often than they'd like!

Now you've got the drop on this new limited Bolster Armouries release, perhaps you want to read a bit more about it! If so, click the button below to check out the OBIRE in all its glory!

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