GLOCK - Lets get real.

GLOCK - Lets get real.

Introducing the most realistic GLOCK replica that the airsoft market has ever seen. Yep, you heard it right, GLOCK's are here and they are truly amazing! So amazing, our employee here was handling two GLOCKS at once! We we're concerned he was enjoying himself a little too much though...

The GLOCK is a polymer-framed, short recoil-operated locked-breech semi-automatic pistol produced & manufactured in Austria and since 1982 has become the most popular pistol in the world. The pistol has seen service in over 45 countries & is currently in use by the United States Police, British Armed Forces, and Armed Police Units, as well as many other security & contractor companies. The GLOCK is not only popular within Law Enforcement, it is also a favoured option among civilians, available in a multitude of calibres, sizes & styles the GLOCK is a go-to for its simplicity, ease of use & most importantly, reliability.

Now UMAREX is here to give YOU yes YOU the opportunity to get your BB impact-ridden hands on one of these truly amazing airsoft pistols. 

They're decorated with official GLOCK trades, along the side of the slide, lower frame, and the magazine baseplate so you know that you're always using perfection at all times. 

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

The guns feature a specially reinforced nozzle that comes from heavy amounts of stress testing & quality control, providing you with a piece of mind that you can fire away with confidence. You will also find a unique style hop-up unit on the underside of the slide, which looks like the inner workings of a clock is a small silver cog that is fixed to the outer barrel brace. 

You can turn this left or right to increase/decrease your hop & the measurements of each turn can be studied through a series of clicks per increase or decrease, allowing you to fine-tune your hop according to the BB weight you're using. The outer barrel is not threaded & features the classic GLOCK floating outer barrel system which allows full function of the slide with no interruption or hindrance from internal parts. 

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

We have got an absolute PLETHORA of GLOCK's for you to choose from, you've got 17s, 18s, 19s, 42s, and 45s available in multiple generations and in CO2 as well as Green Gas!  We've even got the latest in GLOCK Sidearm innovation, the GLOCK 19X! A splice of two of the most reliable firearms in the world, the GLOCK 19 & GLOCK 17, providing a true best of both worlds experience.

We're in absolute awe, these GLOCK's are something to write home about and we can honestly say we're really impressed with the sheer quality of them, with a build that is so close to its real steel counterpart, any firearm fanatic will be frothing at the mouth over these bad bois.

I think we've said enough, we'll let the GLOCK do the rest of the talking. Click below to browse this exceptional range!

Take me to the Glocks!

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