Norgen Pnuefit C 6mm x 1/8" BSP Male Swivel Elbow - Black

Code: C01470618
  • 90 Elbow Bend
  • Anti Corrosion Finish
  • High Quality Manufacture

A high quality, ready to use male-threaded pressure valve featuring a 90 bend. The unit provides the most consistent air flow possible.

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Designed to be as simple to install and use as possible, this valve has been carefully manufactured from the best quality materials to provide optimum performance and extend the unit's life. Nickle plated brass ensures that the unit is protected against corrosion and contamination, in addition to ensuring that the unit remains in a usable condition. The unit has been designed to be practical and quick to set up, tools are not required. The stainless steel grab ring allows users to connect the unit up to nylon or polyurethane tubes firmly grip onto them and secure them in place. The grab ring is releasable, meaning that users are able to disconnect any tubes easily, for example during maintenance.


  • High quality machined component
  • Ready to use product 
  • 90° 'elbow' bend 
  • Toolless installation and quick assembly
  • Allows optimum flow 
  • Stainless steel grab ring is easy to use
  • Male taper unit
  • R 1/8 threaded
  • Nickle-plated brass enhances product life
    • Provides anti-corrosion resistance
    • Provides protection against contamination  

Package Includes:

  • Pnuefit C 6mm x 1/8" BSP Male Swivel Elbow



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