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  • 60rnd, 96rnd or 120rnd
  • 40mm MOSCART Grenade
  • For Airsoft 40mm grenade launchers

If you have the burning desire to pull a trigger once and see a handful of enemy players leave for respawn, an Airsoft MOSCART grenade launcher is the right tool for the job. The NUPROL 40mm MOSCART Gas Grenade is one of many potential power sources for Airsoft 40mm launchers, offering either 60rnd, 96rnd or 120rnd capacity and unleashing the full payload all at once. The grenade is powered by green gas and can be filled via the fill valve on the top of the shell in the same way you would fill a GBB pistol magazine; invert the can and fill with the grenade sitting on its base. 

The grenade can be loaded with BBs using a speed loader through the apertures on the front. When filling this grenade we advise that you wear eye protection throughout the process and fill the gas before filling the BBs. As with all Airsoft MOSCART grenades, you will require an Airsoft 40mm launcher to use the NUPROL 40mm MOSCART, so if you don't yet have one in your collection you can check them out here!


NUPROL is one of the biggest names in Airsoft, manufacturing well-known brands such as VORSK, RAVEN and of course, NUPROL's own. They are also responsible for distributing many other well-known brands such as G&G, LCT, WE, A&K, BOLT and many more.

As a result, NUPROL provides and produces a wide array of Airsoft products, from Airsoft guns to accessories, parts and batteries, so you can be sure to find what you are looking for in one of NUPROL's many product lines, no matter how specific.

If you need a beginner Airsoft AEG, try the NUPROL Pioneer series, our top beginner platform and an Airsoft M4 AEG series known for reliability, high performance and low cost. If a Gas pistol is more your thing, NUPROL offers a massive range of different styles, from EU series pistols to 1911 and Hi-capa GBBs. 

The NUPROL Airsoft brand is designed to excel in quality and provide each player with a perfect Airsoft combat experience during every skirmish. The NUPROL range has everything you need for a high level of functionality at a reasonable price point.