NUPROL RZR 0.40g Precision BB x 1000

Code: RZR-040
  • White Colour
  • 1000 BBs Per Pot
  • Improve Accuracy & Range

    What everyone has been waiting for... a white Airsoft sniper 6mm BB pellet that also works!

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    We have tested these so far in several barrels including standard, 6.03, 6.02 and 6.01 and we so far haven't encountered a single jam. The BB quality is excellent. They feel like any normal BB. There is no oil, dust or chalk like texture to them. They cannot be chewed up or crushed in pliers either. We have also cut these BBs in half to discover even distribution of materials so you will not find any air bubbles, improving the accuracy of each shot with consistent firing. The colour is also white! Something we have been waiting a very long time for; Airsoft sniper BBs that are white and work well.


    • 1000 BBs per bottle
    • Plastic bottle container
    • We have tested these BBs and found the following:
      • Tested a full bottle and fed perfectly fine through standard, 6.03mm, 60.2mm and 6.01mm barrels
      • No bubbles or air deformities inside the BBs once cut in half
      • Very hard to crush in your mouth or with pliers 

    Package Includes:

    • RZR 0.40g Precision BB x 1000



    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour

    BB Specific

    Approx. 1000
    BB Type
    BB Weight (g)
    BB Size (mm)
    Approx. 6mm

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