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From £159.99
  • For AR36K/E Replicas
  • Fires 40mm MOSCART Grenades
  • Underbarrel Launcher w/handguard & ladder sights

If you need a gun on your gun so you can shoot while you shoot, the S&T G316 Grenade Launcher is ideal! This imposing piece of equipment is designed for AR36 platform Airsoft guns, and will install in place of your handguard to provide an awesome under barrel 40mm Grenade Launcher for you to effortlessly fire Airsoft MOSCART Grenades from underneath your Assault Rifle. 

The included handguard is designed to replace either the K or the E (full-length) AR36 handguards, so if you want to add it to your AR36C you will most likely need a barrel extension to clear the handguard. If you want a serious firepower upgrade for your AR36, then the S&T G316 Grenade Launcher is just what you were looking for!

About S&T Airsoft

S&T produces various Airsoft AEG rifles and spring-powered replicas to a very high standard. Known for producing less-common historical WW1 and WW2 replicas such as the Kar98k, the PPSH, Grease Gun, Lee Enfield Rifle and more, S&T replicas are equally at home in a museum as they are at a skirmish!

Many S&T Airsoft Guns are constructed in part from real wood with plenty of steel parts, bringing more variety and realism to the Airsoft scene. The great thing about an S&T Lee Enfield or Kar98K replica is that they are usually cheaper than a deactivated rifle and you can still pull the bolt back, adjust the sights and even shoot 6mm BBs. Perfect for reenactors of all stripes!

S&T also produces several types of Airsoft 40mm MOSCART grenade launchers, both weapon-mounted and standalone varieties. To make sure you have something to shoot from your launcher, S&T also offer MOSCART grenade shells in various capacities, styled after the real HEDP M-433 40mm grenade with the option to choose the 70-round or 120-round options. If you are bulk buying MOSCARTs, S&T even offer a 3-pack!

In addition to their high-quality replicas, S&T also manufactures various accessories such as magazines for its more unique replicas and other items of tactical equipment including semi-hard rifle cases so your pride and joy can be transported and stored securely.