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From £189.99
  • Sight Mounts Included
  • Semi-automatic Firing
  • Double Stacked Mag

Built by Tokyo Marui this gas blowback 6mm Airsoft BB Pistol features top of the line performance unrivalled by any other brand on the market, as well as the ability to attach red dot and Dr sights out of the box. The gun comes with a low profile and high profile mount ready to attach a wide variety of aftermarket dot sights giving you a distinct advantage in CQB games allowing you to acquire your targets quicker than those stuck on traditional iron sights. The gun also comes with an additional 20mm pistol rail which with some work can be fitted to the frame to allow the use of Torches, Lasers, and other attachments.

This pistol is perfect for those who want an Airsoft pistol which has plenty of scope for customisation, high performance, and a quality build. When you buy a Tokyo Marui Gas Powered Airsoft pistol, you're never making a mistake.

From £329.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgradeable
  • Incredible Build Quality

Supplied with a functional Airsoft suppressor, the G-Spec is the tactical and stealthy version of Marui’s excellent VSR-10 spring bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle.

  • For TM TM45
  • 28rnd Magazine
  • Flared Base Plate

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Magazine for the Tokyo Marui TM45 Range. 

  • Semi Transparent
  • Fits TM & Dboys
  • 300Rnd Hi-Cap

A replacement or spare high capacity clockwork magazine for Tokyo Marui's P90 series of Airsoft Electric Guns, but will also fit the DBoys series.

Was £8.99
Save £3.00
  • Replacement part
  • Brass with rubber O-rings and a steel knocker
  • Fix up your old MK.23 magazines!

A replacement or spare Outlet / Knocker Valve for the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM NBB Pistol. If you own plenty of Magazines and want to keep them in tip-top condition, then you're going to want a few Knocker Valves spare in your arsenal. They are incredibly easy to install, provided you have an appropriate Valve Key on standby. You can use other tools to install them, but this is not recommended as you could damage the Valve.

Was £19.99
Save £8.00
  • For TM MK23 and ASG MK23
  • Alloy construction with steel spring
  • Hammer, spring and knocker set

If your MK23 is getting a bit worn out, we have the cure right here! Introducing the Tokyo Marui MK23 Hammer set, a set comprising of an alloy hammer, alloy valve knocker, and steel hammer spring. These parts are a drop-in replacement for your original MK23 components, and will not require any modification. Treat your SOCOM to some fresh parts for more *thud thud* "HIT!" action!

  • 26 Round Capacity
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality
  • Marui TM5-7 GBB Magazines

An Airsoft replica magazine designed for use with Maruis Gas Blowback TM 5-7 Self Loading Pistol, and features Tokyo Marui's usual excellent craftsmanship.

Was £38.99
Save £10.00
  • For Recoil Shock Guns
  • For TM 417 Series Rifles
  • 70rnd Mid-Capacity Magazine

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's Recoil Shock Airsoft TM 417 6mm BB Guns. The magazine is constructed entirely from Heavy Duty Polymer, and features a Transparent Black Shell allowing the user to see through to the Internal Mock rounds which add Realism to the Magazine.

  • For XP4 Gas Pistol
  • 25 Round Magazine
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Magazine Designed by Tokyo Marui for their XP4 Series range of Airsoft Pistols. The Magazine is constructed from Alloy and is Filled with Green Gas and Loaded with 6mm Airsoft BBs.

  • Added Realism
  • 82 Round Mid Cap
  • Activates Bolt Lock

A spare magazine designed specifically for the Tokyo Marui 5.56 platform recoil series. 

  • Alloy Construction
  • 27 Round Magazine
  • Reflective Crome Finish

A magazine for the TM 6mm BB Desert Eagle, finished with a chrome color, this magazines are a must buy for anyone who needs more rounds. 

  • For Recoil Shock Guns
  • High-Capacity Magazine
  • 430 Round Capacity Mag

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's STANAG accepting Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the STANAG standardized magazine used by NATO forces.

  • Special TM Design
  • Unique Connector
  • For Marui SOPMOD

A replacement battery for Tokyo Marui SOPMOD 6mm BB guns which use the Unique Fixed Crane Stock Style Battery Design. 

Was £19.99
Save £6.00
  • For SMG-7 AEP
  • 50end Capacity
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality

A 6mm BB Airsoft magazine, designed for use with Tokyo Marui's SMG-7 AEP electric Airsoft Submachine gun, featuring a medium capacity of 50 rounds. 

  • 15rnd Capacity
  • Compact Magazine
  • For Marui TMPSG-1

This is a 15rnd Short Magazine for the Tokyo Marui TMPSG-1 Sniper Rifle (electric). It is a compact magazine which makes prone shots much easier, and reduces the chance of magazines snagging on your equipment. It is loaded from the top using a Speedloader and is very easy to carry thanks to its' highly compact design.

  • For Recoil Shock Guns
  • Mid-Capacity Magazine
  • 82 Round Capacity Mag

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's STANAG Accepting Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the STANAG Standardized Magazine used by NATO Forces. 

  • 90 Round Capacity
  • Spring Fed Mid-Cap
  • For TM AK White Storm only

An Airsoft magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's AK White Storm platform from the Recoil Shock NGRS range, with a design based upon the stamped steel style magazine used by the real steel rifles.

From £359.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgrade Parts
  • Incredible Build Quality

An incredibly high-quality a bolt action, spring-powered 6mm BB airsoft gun styled on the British L96 sniper rifle, accurately replicating the feel and looks of a truly iconic rifle. 

From £419.99
  • Large Gas Well
  • 3 or 6 Shot Modes
  • Customisable Furniture

A Gas Airsoft 6mm Shotgun, which has a fire mode selection switch allowing you to use either a 3 round shot, or a 6 round shot and is part of the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun Range. 

About Tokyo Marui

Hailing from Japan, Tokyo Marui is known as one of the best Airsoft manufacturers in the world and throughout the years always produced the highest quality products, building top-of-the-range Airsoft guns that are the envy of every other manufacturer.

Leaders in Airsoft design, Tokyo Marui are often the first to release trending products sought after by skirmishers everywhere. Many Airsoft guns on the market today were based on TM‘s original designs, even speed loaders and sniper rifles!

Each Tokyo Marui Airsoft gun is carefully constructed with precision parts to ensure that they cycle perfectly every time, as well as the latest hop-up technology for extreme range and accuracy. What’s more, TM takes pride in their boxes, so you can store and display your replica with pride.

From SCAR and MK18 replicas with electric blowback, recoil simulation and realistic bolt release functionality to precise bolt action sniper rifles like the VSR-10 series, the gold standard in Airsoft sniper rifles; Tokyo Marui's range is vast and their Airsoft guns are world-beaters when it comes to performance, particularly in accuracy and range. 

Tokyo Marui's gas pistols are the first choice of many AIPSC shooters, offering snappy cyclic rate, phenomenal accuracy and great performance under rapid fire thanks to their superior gas efficiency. A TM GBB pistol also makes a great skirmish sidearm, especially in winter months when the more carefully built TM internals come into their own. Styles available range from the WW2 era 1911 pistol to the cutting edge modern platforms like the 5-7 pistol. TM also make a range of Resident Evil/Biohazard style pistols, perfect for S.T.A.R.S loadouts and fans of the video game and movie franchise. 

Those who wield one of the many Tokyo Marui replicas can attest to their superb quality and forward-thinking designs. Tokyo Marui may be on the high end of the spectrum, but they are premium products, worth every penny.