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  • For G-Spec VSR
  • All Tools Included
  • 5'' 8-Slot Rail Panel

A lightweight rail panel designed to be fit on to TM's VSR G-Spec Range to allow the attachment of Sights and Scopes to player's weapons. 

  • For TM AA-12
  • Textured Sides
  • 93rnd Magazine

A Magazine for the Airsoft AA-12 Sledge Hammer 6mm BB Gun AEG. The magazine is constructed from heavy duty Polymer, with a Polymer Shell and Internals. 

  • 90rnd Magazine
  • TM SCAR-H Magazine
  • Recoil Shock Compatable

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's SCAR-H Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the 7.62mm STANAG Standardized Magazine used by NATO Forces. 

  • 68rnd Capacity
  • Dummy Bullets
  • Semi Transparent

A Polymer constructed 68rnd Mid Cap Magazine for P90 AEGs. They have a transparent design and are loaded with 50 rounds of 5.7x28mm dummy ammunition, loaded with BBs using a Speedloader from the bottom of the mag. This is the perfect purchase for any Airsofter who owns a P90 and wants more BBs on them to stay in the fight for longer.

  • Easy To Maintain
  • Alloy Construction
  • 28 Round Capacity

Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 spare magazine, capable of holding standard gas all the way up to propane for really cold Airsoft game days. 

  • 25 Round Capacity
  • High Quality Construction
  • Replica S&W M&P9 Pistol Magazine

An Airsoft replica magazine designed for use with Maruis Gas Blowback replica Smith & Wesson M&P9 and M&P9 V Custom pistols, and features Tokyo Maruis usual exquisite craftsmanship. 

  • TM G-Series
  • 25 Round Capacity
  • High Quality Tokyo Marui

A perfectly manufactured Airsoft replica magazine designed for use with Tokyo Maruis extensive and exquisite G-Series family of replica Gas Blow Back Pistols.

  • For Recoil Shock Guns
  • Mid-Capacity Magazine
  • 82 Round Capacity Mag

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's STANAG Accepting Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the STANAG Standardized Magazine used by NATO Forces. 

  • 26 Round Capacity
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality
  • Marui FN5-7 GBB Magazines

An Airsoft replica magazine designed for use with Maruis Gas Blowback replica FNs unique FN 5-7 Self Loading Pistol, and features Tokyo Marui's usual excellent craftsmanship.

  • For PX4 Gas Pistol
  • 25 Round Magazine
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Magazine Designed by Tokyo Marui for their Px4 Series range of Airsoft Pistols. The Magazine is constructed from Alloy and is Filled with Green Gas and Loaded with 6mm Airsoft BBs.

  • For TM HK417
  • Transparent Design
  • Adjustable Capacity

A magazine built and designed specifically for the TM HK417 Assault Rifle Constructed by Tokyo Marui, who make some of the highest quality Airsoft 6mm BB guns in the world.

  • For TM HK45
  • 28rnd Magazine
  • Flared Base Plate

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Magazine for the Tokyo Marui HK45 Range. 

  • 96 Round Magazine
  • For TM SGR-12 / AA-12
  • Mock Shell View Window

A Magazine for the Airsoft SGR-12 Shotgun, as well as its sister weapon, the AA-12 Sledge Hammer 6mm BB Gun AEG. The magazine is constructed from heavy duty Polymer, with a Polymer Shell and Internals. 

  • 300Rnd Hi-Cap
  • Fits TM & Dboys
  • Semi Transparent

A replacement or spare high capacity clockwork magazine for Tokyo Marui's P90 series of Airsoft Electric Guns, but will also fit the DBoys series.

  • For the TM AA-12
  • Electric Drum Mag
  • Holds 3000 Rounds

Box / Drum Magazine designed for use with the TM AA-12 Sledge Hammer Automatic Electric Shotgun and holds an obscene 3000 rounds for those who must absolutely guarantee that they hit their target. 

From £119.00
  • Fixed Hop-Up
  • Rubberised Grip
  • Great Performance

A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, built by Tokyo Marui and designed to replicate the Beretta M9 Pistol. The Pistol is constructed externally from Polymer with Alloy Internals, Trigger, Safety, Hammer and Slide Release.

From £129.99
  • Lower Pistol Rail
  • Gas Blowback Pistol
  • Night Sights Included

Part of Tokyo Marui's G-Series Pistol Range, and is based on the G17 Generation 3 Pistol, used around the world by Military and Police, and famed for its high reliability and ease of use. 

From £135.99
  • Tokyo Marui Quality
  • Mock Loaded Indicator
  • Ambidextrous Controls

A high quality Gas Blow Back Replica inspired by the latest in Military and Police handguns by Smith & Wesson, the ultramodern M&P9 handgun. 

From £137.95
  • Gas Blowback
  • Rotating Barrel
  • Easy Hop System

A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm Pistol, designed in the style of the Beretta Px4 Storm, and made by TM, making it one of the highest quality pistols on the market. 

From £139.99
  • Superb Accuracy
  • Lightweight Design
  • Modern Tactical Pistol

Built by Tokyo Marui to the highest standards, this is an efficient and fantastic quality gas blowback replica of the standard variant of the HK.45 tactical pistol as utilised by special forces across the globe. 

From £144.99
  • Grip & Trigger Safety
  • Adjustable Grip Backstrap
  • Replica XDM Gas Blowback

A 6mm BB Airsoft gas blowback pistol based on the real XD-M .40 calibre pistol. The XD-M series of pistols, or X-Treme Duty is in fact the imported and licenced name Springfield Arms give to the real steal HS2000 pistol, a striker fired pistol designed in the fallout of the Yugoslav war.

From £149.99
  • Tokyo Marui Quality
  • Mock Loaded Indicator
  • Hybrid Dual Night Ironsights

A high quality Gas Blow Back Replica inspired by customised Smith & Wesson's ultramodern M&P9 handgun, designed for use with Police and Military units, featuring Tokyo Marui's trademark excellent construction and performance. 

From £149.99
  • High Quality Gas Pistol
  • Tried & Tested Marui Design
  • Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic

A high quality Gas Blow Back replica of the unique G18c Gen3 Select Fire pistol, capable of Semi Automatic as well as Fully Automatic fire. 

From £152.99
  • Hard Kick Build
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Ambidextrous Design

An excellent high quality and unique looking Airsoft pistol. Designed to be powerful and it delivers!

From £159.99
  • Beavertail Safety
  • Nickel Plated Finish
  • Gas Blowback Pistol

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Built by Tokyo Marui as part of their pistol range, designed and built to be as efficient as possible, with a top quality finish all the way from Japan. The pistol is constructed with a polymer slide and frame with alloy internals, and features a Nickel Plated silver finish.

From £164.99
  • Incredibly Silent
  • None Blow Back
  • Extremely Accurate

An 6mm BB Gas Powered replica of the MK23 Mod 0 SOCOM Pistol, and as far as Airsoft is concerned, this is a replica in a league of its own. The pistol is constructed from lightweight Polymer with Alloy Internals, and features a None-Blowback system, giving the weapon amazing gas efficiency and accuracy. 

From £164.99
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Modern Tactical Pistol
  • Replica HK Suppressor

Manufactured to the highest possible standards by Tokyo Marui, this is a high quality Airsoft gas blowback pistol replica of the Tactical Operations variant of the ultra-modern HK45 special forces pistol, complete with suppressor.

From £189.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Limitless Upgrade Potential
  • Incredible Marui Build Quality

The ultimate Airsoft sniper rifle! Although they are lowered out of the box compared to other Airsoft sniper rifles on the market, these are incredibly accurate, deliver great range for such low FPS and are very quiet. 

From £219.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgradeable
  • Incredible Build Quality

Supplied with a functional Airsoft suppressor, the G-Spec is the tactical and stealthy version of Marui’s excellent VSR-10 spring bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle.

From £244.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgrade Parts
  • Incredible Build Quality

An incredibly high-quality a bolt action, spring-powered 6mm BB airsoft gun styled on the British L96 sniper rifle, accurately replicating the feel and looks of a truly iconic rifle. 

Here at Patrol Base we have a wide variety of Tokyo Marui Airsoft products, with something to suit everyone. Known as one of the best Airsoft Manufacturers in the World Marui' never skimp on their product quality, building high quality weapons which are the envy of every other manufacturer. Usually, Tokyo Marui are the first, then everyone has to play catch up or copy their designs. Most Airsoft Weapons on the market today were based on Marui's original designs. Everything in Airsoft, from Speed Loaders to Sniper Rifles, were probably once based on TM designs.

Tokyo Marui are based in Japan, exporting only to a few select distributors, and build some of the nicest weapons on the market today. TM take pride in what they do, and this shines through in their weapons, being some of the most well designed and consistent Airsoft Weapons on the market.

Each Marui weapon is carefully constructed with precision parts to ensure that they cycle perfectly every time, and feature some of the latest Hop-Up technology delivery extreme ranges and accuracy. Not only do they take pride in their weapons, they also take pride in their boxes, giving you something to not only store your weapon in, but to display it as well.

We offer a range of TM Weapons, ranging from full on Assault Rifles, to Pistols, Sniper Rifles and more, as well as selling parts and spares for the pistols to keep them running for longer.

If you're looking for a top quality Airsoft Gun, look no further.