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From £189.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Limitless Upgrade Potential
  • Incredible Marui Build Quality

The ultimate Airsoft sniper rifle! Although they are lowered out of the box compared to other Airsoft sniper rifles on the market, these are incredibly accurate, deliver great range for such low FPS and are very quiet. 

From £189.99
RRP £209.99
Save £20.00
  • Prototype Pistol
  • From Resident Evil
  • Gas Blowback Action

This Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is one fans of a certain series of Films and Video Games may appreciate. It is a prototype model of Albert Wekser's Albert-01 Pistol that is acquired during the final boss fight from the seventh installment of the game, and is lovingly recreated in Airsoft form for you all to enjoy.

From £204.99
Was £239.99
Save £35.00
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgradeable
  • Incredible Build Quality

Supplied with a functional Airsoft suppressor, the G-Spec is the tactical and stealthy version of Marui’s excellent VSR-10 spring bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle.

From £215.99
Was £239.99
Save £24.00
  • M-LOK Handguard
  • AEP Pistol Internals
  • Folding Stock System

This isn't just any old AEP, this is the new and stylish revision of the TM VZ61 Scorpion, lovingly crafted in Japan by Tokyo Marui. It's the original VZ61 taken to the next level, with upgraded furniture which turns the pistol into a modern day masterpiece.

From £235.99
  • Folding Stock
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Battery & Charger Not Included

Like all TM products you are investing into a high quality, precision Airsoft item that shoots perfectly straight out of the box. [Please note battery and charger are not included]. 

From £244.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgrade Parts
  • Incredible Build Quality

An incredibly high-quality a bolt action, spring-powered 6mm BB airsoft gun styled on the British L96 sniper rifle, accurately replicating the feel and looks of a truly iconic rifle. 

From £269.99
  • Red Dot Edition
  • Perfect CQB Tool
  • Fully Ambidextrous

The P90 has been the hallmark of sci-fi aesthetic since its conception. The Tokyo Marui P90 has always been at the top of the food chain, but is often hard to find available, especially in this extra-rare Red Dot Edition configuration. Rest easy, your search is over! The Tokyo Marui P90 Red Dot Edition is here to stay, and is the ultimate scalpel for CQB engagements as well as for players who are looking for a fully ambidextrous platform.

From £274.99
  • Large Gas Well
  • 3 or 6 Shot Modes
  • Customisable Furniture

A Gas Airsoft 6mm Shotgun, which has a fire mode selection switch allowing you to use either a 3 round shot, or a 6 round shot and is part of the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun Range. 

From £279.99
  • Gas Shotgun
  • 3/6 Round Shot
  • Detachable Gas Well

A Gas Airsoft 6mm Compact Shotgun, which as a fire mode selection switch allowing you to use either a 3 round shot, or a 6 round shot. 

From £329.99
Was £369.99
Save £40.00
  • Alloy Outer Barrel
  • Adjustable Trigger Set
  • Textured Polymer Stock

A 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the latest in service variant of the US Marine Corps' current issue sniper rifle, the bolt action 7.62mm NATO M40A5. The M40 series started out as USMC modified variants of Remington's 700 series of bolt action rifles in the Vietnam War, and the A5 has been in service since 2009.

From £334.99
Was £379.99
Save £45.00
  • Gas Non-Blowback
  • Pump Action Design
  • Removable Gas Tank

Featuring all of Tokyo Marui’s usual high-quality standards of construction and design, this is a gas powered non-blowback replica of Kel-Tec’s futuristic looking bullpup KSG shotgun, as seen in many videogames and movies.

From £399.99
  • Tokyo Marui build quality 
  • Next generation recoil shock system - Immersive recoil
  • Ultra smooth gearbox and incredible HOP-up unit

The latest from the Airsoft Gods at Tokyo Marui, the AK White Storm is a reinvention of the original TM AKM NGRS rifle from many years ago. The White Storm takes the classic AK design and outfits it for a more modern era, complete with a 6 position retractable stock, both M-LOK and 20mm Picatinny rail mounting interfaces and an ergonomic pistol grip which will leave you not wanting to put this rifle down! 

The most notable addition to this new AK NGRS is its "stop firing on empty" feature, which will never leave you guessing as to when your magazine has run dry. If this happens, the AK White storm does what a real AK does, absolutely nothing - meaning you must quickly insert a loaded magazine and allow the White Storm to continue to unleash a white storm of BBs upon the enemy team!

From £424.99
  • Hard Kicking Recoil
  • Functional Bolt Stop
  • Alloy Receiver/Barrel

The boys and girls at Tokyo Marui have done it again with an electric-powered and Alloy bodied replica of the venerable M4A1 platform in its' glorious and original form, which features a strong Mechanical Recoil and functional Bolt Stop that stops the gun from firing when out of BBs, prompting you to install a fresh magazine and press the Bolt Release.

From £439.99
  • Recoil Shock AEG
  • Replica SOPMOD M4
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality

A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun based on the SOPMOD Block 1 M4A1 Special Operations Carbine, which is part of Marui's premier Recoil Shock Airsoft Electric Gun System. 

From £439.99
Was £489.99
Save £50.00
  • Ver 2. Recoil Engine
  • Stops Firing On Empty
  • 82/30rnd Selectable Capacity

Part of Marui's premier Recoil Shock Airsoft Electric Gun System, this is an Alloy bodied blowback M4 with simulated recoil, lock when empty feature and a selectable capacity magazine.

From £439.99
Was £489.99
Save £50.00
  • Hard Kicking Recoil
  • Functional Bolt Stop
  • Alloy Receiver/Barrel

A highly realistic and robust replica from Tokyo Marui of the M4A4 Platform, which offers a hard-kicking Mechanical Recoil which will shake you to the core, as well as a realistic Bolt-Stop function which will stop the RIF from firing once out of BBs, prompting you to install a new magazine and press the Bolt Release.

From £459.99
RRP £539.99
Save £80.00
  • Mechanical Recoil
  • Functional Bolt-Stop
  • Awesome TM Quality

The SCAR-L CQC is part of Tokyo Marui's Next Generation Recoil Shock series, meaning it has a mechanical blowback system inside that moves a weight when you fire, simulating realistic recoil. Not only this, but it has a functional bolt-stop that will stop the Gun from firing when it is empty, until the Bolt Release is pressed, as per a real firearm.

From £464.99
  • Mechanical Recoil
  • Realistic Bolt Stop
  • Left Handed Friendly

A highly realistic AEG replica of the infamous SCAR platform Assault Rifle, which served as a much-needed update to the AR platform. This top-shelf Tokyo Marui product features a hard-kicking Mechanical Recoil and a realistic Bolt-Stop function which stops the gun from firing when you're out of BBs.

From £469.99
  • Tri-Barrel Hop-Unit
  • Full Automatic Shotgun
  • High Quality Construction

Designed as a replica of the infamous AA-12 fully automatic shotgun, this high quality AEG Airsoft shotgun has a trick up its sleeve – or barrel, as it has three simultaneously firing individual barrels, each with adjustable Hop-up units. 

From £469.99
  • Recoil Shock AEG
  • Monolithic 20mm RIS Rail
  • Accurate & Authentic Replica

An Electrically powered, 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the Ultra-modern SCAR-L special forces Assault Rifle, manufactured to extremely High Quality by Tokyo Marui. 

From £484.99
Was £499.99
Save £15.00
  • Cerakoted Reciever
  • Exellent Gas Efficiency
  • New ZET System Bolt Lock

The new 1 to1 scale gas blow back M4 from Tokyo Marui. Out of the box the quality and craftsmanship is apparent, this weapon has a Cerakoted Metal receiver to provide the best durability against knocks and scratches as this is the go to coating used on real firearms. 

From £499.99
  • High Quality Build
  • Recoil Shock System
  • Stops Firing when Empty

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which is part of Marui's Recoil Shock AEG System Range, where when fired will give recoil to simulate the firing of a weapon. The weapon is designed and based on the FN SCAR MK 17 MOD 0, and is built in Japan to the highest standards.

From £524.99
RRP £629.99
Save £105.00
  • Fully Automatic Shotgun
  • Electric Powered Gearbox
  • Independant Tri-Barrel System

This is the next Generation of Fully Automatic Tri-Barreled Shotguns, which takes everything great about the Tokyo Marui SledgeHammer, and cranks it up to 11.

From £549.99
  • ZET System
  • Strong Blowback
  • Ambidextrous Controls

An Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle (GBBR) based on the M4 Platform, with highly modern furniture such as a Match Twirled Silver Barrel, Ambidextrous and Ergonomic Fire Controls and a Slim Profile Stock. If you want the best Gas Blowback Rifle that money can buy, it's the TM MTR16 ZET System.

From £599.99
  • Mechanical Recoil
  • Alloy Construction
  • Bolt-Stop Function

A Recoil Shock Airsoft Electric Gun from the legendary Tokyo Marui - pioneers of all things top quality. This AEG features a realistic Electric Blowback, functional Bolt Stop, licensed Daniel Defense Rail System as well as a healthy dose of the magical pixie dust that makes Marui replicas the best in the business.

From £1,299.99
  • New & Improved Recoil
  • Cuts Off When Out Of BBs
  • Dummy Bullets Have Motion

The Mk46 Mod.0 Next Generation MK46 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is the latest and greatest from Tokyo Marui, and offers their new and improved Mechanical Recoil System. Not only this, but the Dummy Bullets on the Belt will jiggle and bounce around as the Gun fires, and it will also stop firing once the last BB has left the Magazine for ultimate realism! If you've been holding off on a Support Gun because of the lack of realism, this puppy is here to change your mind.

Here at Patrol Base, we offer a wide variety of Tokyo Marui Airsoft replicas, from pump action shotguns to recoil shock support guns. Known as one of the best airsoft manufacturers in the world, Tokyo Marui never skimps on product quality, building top of the range weapons that are the envy of every other manufacturer.

Leaders in Airsoft design, Tokyo Marui are often the first to release trending products sought after by skirmishers everywhere. Many Airsoft weapons on the market today were based on TM‘s original designs, even speed loaders and sniper rifles!

Each Tokyo Marui weapon is carefully constructed with precision parts to ensure that they cycle perfectly every time, as well as the latest hop-up technology for extreme range and accuracy. What’s more, TM takes pride in their boxes, so you can store and display your replica with pride.

Shop our Tokyo Mauri range today to call one of their esteemed weapons your own. As well as guns, we also offer TM parts and spares to keep your replica running for longer. Still browsing? Check out our other brands like KrytacARES AirsoftNUPROL or VORSK.