Action Army VSR / VSR-10 / KJ M700 Long Scope Rail

Action Army
Code: B01-026
  • Modular
  • 20mm RIS
  • Aluminium

An Aluminium constructed rail system for VSR-shaped bolt action rifles, which gives the user a long and modular section of 20mm rail to attach your favourite sights and accessories.

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This Aluminium-constructed rail piece is made to a wonderful standard, and can be installed on VSR-shaped bolt action rifles to give the user a long and sturdy rail piece with great flexibility to do a number of different setups. It comes to a total of 44cm long, but is broken up into two main sections which are offset in height, mainly to provide flexibility of setup but it does also mean that you could potentially use a PEQ box/laser/other accessory on the forward rail without it disturbing the view of your main optic. Included in the package are the required screws for installation, as well as two side rail pieces which can install in several places along the rail, to allow the user to truly mount their accessories how they want, or not at all! It is very easy to install taking around 5 minutes even for those with basic skills, but makes a world of difference in terms of flexibility and quality.


  • Aluminium construction
  • For VSR shaped rifles
  • Screws included
  • Two side rail pieces included
  • Attaches to rear sight
  • Easy installation
  • Attach your favourite optics
  • Much longer
  • High quality rail

Package Includes:

  • VSR / VSR-10 / KJ M700 Long Scope Rail



External Part Type
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Upgrade Parts


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Item Colour
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Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 45cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.2kg

Part Specific

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Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Weapon Platform
VSR / Bar10