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  • More Bang For Buck
  • Spare Nozzle Included
  • Use More Economical Gas

An easy-to-use adaptor kit that allows you to fill your gas magazines with standard Propane and/or duster gas, allowing you to source your propellants at a cheaper price and shoot for longer!

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This soft-Polymer adaptor kit installs onto standard 1lb bottles of Propane used for camping and other outdoor activities, bringing your overall cost on gas down. The adaptor being made of Polymer minimises any damage or marring to Brass inlet valves as you use it. Included in the box is a spare nozzle, which can also be used on computer duster gas / HFC134a bottles for weapons with Polymer slides, or in serious need of a downgrade. Also included is a small bottle of GBB gun oil, which needs to be dropped into the bottle of Propane you wish to use (2 drops per 10 magazine fills recommended). The only difference between Airsoft Green Gas and standard Propane is the addition of lubricant - this kit allows you to use a much cheaper and readily available source of propellant, with the catch that you need to add your own lubricant to keep seals healthy.


  • Soft Polymer nozzle
  • Reduces damage to inlet valves
  • Spare nozzle / duster gas nozzle included
  • GBB gun oil included
  • Reduce running costs of GBB weapons
  • Compatible with almost every GBB weapon
  • Reusable
  • Fully English instruction manual

Package Includes:

  • Propane Adaptor Kit

Special Instructions:

This product has been designed to be used EXCLUSIVELY with Airsoft. Do not use this adaptor with anything but Airsoft. Do not use this adaptor with any other gas (e.g. MAPP, propylene) but propane. Do not use propane/green gas in an Airsoft gun that cannot handle the higher pressure. Do not use propane/green gas near an open flame, or other source of ignition. Do not inhale.



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Propane Adaptor Kit

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