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  • Very Compact
  • Fit MOLLE or Belt
  • Hold 10x M4 Mags

With an incredible capacity of up to 10 STANAG 5.56mm styled Airsoft magazines, this dump pouch, which can be rolled up to save space when not in use, is a must-have piece of kit for all Airsofters. 

  • 2 x Side Pockets
  • Drawstring Close
  • MOLLE/Belt Compatible

A stiffened dump bag that attaches to belts or MOLLE systems to provide a means to quickly dump your spent magazines; speeding your reload up and meaning you don't have to search the undergrowth for your magazines after the firefight.

  • Adjustable
  • Pouch Folds Up
  • Drawstring Cord

Dump pouches were created so that in the heat of combat you have somewhere to store part-used and empty magazines where they will not be confused with fresh magazines. 

  • Adjustable Mouth
  • Holds Empty Mags
  • Folds To Reduce Size

Folding dump pouch which is designed to hold used or empty magazines to prevent the user from accidently loading an empty during an engagement or fire fight. 

  • Drawstring Mouth
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Adjustable Opening

    A folding dump pouch designed so that when not in use it can be rolled up to prevent it getting in the way of movement. Dump pouches were created to store spent or partially emptied magazines so they were not dropped on the floor, potentially giving away the users movement, and to stop them getting back into the users rig with their full magazines. 

    • Velcro ID Panel
    • Removable Strap
    • 2 x Exterior Pockets

    A dump pouch that can either be worn on the shoulder with the supplied removable strap as a bag, or attached to your rig/backpack via two press-stud MOLLE loops. 

    • Keep Mags Safe
    • MOLLE Attachable
    • Rolling Dump Puch

    A MOLLE compatible dump pouch for storing used magazines, which has been designed so that when not in use it can be rolled up and folded away to prevent it getting in the way of movement.

    • MOLLE & Belt Fastenings
    • Adjustable Elastic Opening
    • Additional Elastic Front Loops

    An incredibly large dump pouch that will hold nearly any Airsoft magazine as long as you aren't trying to cram in an LMG box magazine.

    • Keep Mags Safe
    • MOLLE/Belt Attachable
    • Bungee Retention Design

    A large and lightweight MOLLE compatible dump pouch that features external bungee retention cords, allowing the user and loosen and tighten the dump pouch on the go at a moments notice, helping keep contents secure and minimising any tell-tale rattle you'll make when moving around.