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  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • Replacement original part
  • Compatible with CYMA CM.057 & Real Sword SVD

If you need a new nozzle for your CYMA CM.057 or Real Sword Dragonov SVD, CYMA has you covered! The Aluminium Nozzle for CYMA/Real Sword SVD/SVU is constructed from CNC machined aluminium and compatible with the CYMA CM.057 SVD/SVU AEG series and the Real Sword Dragunov SVD AEG. 

This is a replacement original part specifically designed for the Real Sword pattern SVD gearbox used in the CYMA CM.057 series and is not compatible with A&K SVDs or others. If you've built a beast of a DMR with your SVD and you want to get ahead of any potential parts failures this is a great part to have in the toolbox!

  • Alloy construction
  • Replacement original part
  • For CYMA CM.098 series SR25 AEGs

If you've lost an SR25 selector switch, this should be helpful! The CYMA Selector Switch Set for CM.098 SR25 AEGs is a replacement original parts set for the CM.098 SR25 series and includes the left and right side selector switches, mounting screws, springs and ball bearings for that lovely "click" between modes. 

The switches themselves are constructed from alloy and match the KAC-style selectors found on the CM.098 series, including the scallop on the right side selector and the undercut on the left side selector to allow for full auto fire. Selector switches are always going missing, but with this set handy, your CM.098 won't miss a beat even if the worst happens!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ribbed for reduced heat build-up
  • Fits CYMA/Real Sword SVD & CA/CYMA SR-25

If your CYMA CM.098 or CM.057 needs a revamp, the CYMA Stainless Steel Cylinder for CM.057 SVD & CM.098 SR-25 AEGs should be of use. This stainless steel cylinder is ribbed to promote heat dissipation and polished on the inside for minimal friction. 

This cylinder is a standard bore unported cylinder and is compatible with version 2 long gearboxes found in CA/A&K SR-25 AEGs and CYMA CM.098 SR-25 AEGs and also fits the Real Sword spec SVD gearbox used in the CYMA CM.057 SVD/SVU series and the Real Sword SVD Dragunov. 

  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • Double O-Ring configuration
  • For CYMA CM.057 & Real Sword Dragunov

If you need a new cylinder head to fix up your Dragunov, check this out! The CYMA Aluminium Cylinder Head for CYMA/Real Sword SVD/SVU is constructed from CNC machined aluminium and is fitted with two O-rings to seal any gaps between it and the cylinder for perfect efficiency and minimal air loss. 

The cylinder head also has a sound dampening pad installed on the rear face which reduces gearbox noise and protects the piston head from the force of repeated impacts. A replacement original part for the CYMA CM.057 SVD/SVU series, this cylinder head is also compatible with the old Real Sword Dragunov SVD!

  • Alloy construction
  • Replacement original part
  • Compatible with most SMG-5 AEGs (not K or PDW)

If your SMG-5 trigger is a bit worn out or you have a flat trigger inside and you want a more classic SMG-5 look, the CYMA Trigger for SMG-5 AEG is what you need. This trigger is only for SMG-5 AEGs which use a version 2 gearbox and will not fit the version 3 gearbox equipped SMG-5K and SMG-5PDW series. The trigger itself is constructed from alloy and has the curve of the original SMG-5 trigger, making for an appropriately realistic look. Included with the trigger is a trigger return spring, so if you have lost this part you're in luck!

  • Spring set for AR36 Version 3 gearbox
  • All springs except mainspring included
  • Fix up your old AR36 or build a gearbox!

If you are building a version 3 AR36 gearbox or you have an old AR36 AEG that needs a refit, this spring set will be useful! The set includes all the springs needed to complete a version 3 gearbox for AR36 AEGs except for the mainspring (the spring that provides the power). Maybe you have lost a spring, or your tappet spring got chewed up after a long and hard life? This spring set should give you all you need to get your AR36 doing its dirty work once again!

  • Replacement original parts
  • Includes HOP-up chamber, bucking and nub
  • For CYMA CM.027 SMG-5 series

If you have HOP-up woes with your SMG-5 this could be what you need to fix it up! The CYMA HOP-Up Chamber with Rubber and Nub for SMG-5 AEG is a replacement original part for the CM.027 SMG-5 series but should also work in any TM based SMG-5 AEG (not NGRS variants). The set includes a complete HOP-up unit with the HOP-up arm and also includes a basic HOP-up rubber and nub, giving you everything you need to replace the entire unit in a single package. 

This set is designed for the CM.027 which is a copy of the Tokyo Marui SMG-5 AEG and should also work with similar designs but is not compatible with the Classic Army SMG-5 or the later CYMA CM.041 series SMG-5 AEGs. 

  • Replacement original parts
  • For CYMA CM.098 SR-25 AEG
  • Fix up your old AEG!

If your selector switch is damaged or you lost a bit during maintenance this set can be a lifesaver! The CYMA Ambidextrous Fire Selector Gears for CM.098 is a replacement original part set for the CM.098 series of SR-25 AEGs and includes the internal selector gears and axis for the CM.098 ambidextrous selector switches. 

  • SR25 Style Gearbox
  • Fits Most SR25 Airsoft Guns
  • Cylinder, Piston, Nozzle and gears!

This SR25 Gearbox set by CYMA is designed to fit right into most SR25 / AR25 / AR10 style Airsoft Rifles / Guns. Included is a Piston, Cylinder, Gear Set, Tappet Plate, Nozzle. This GEARBOX set does not come with the shell, internals only.

  • High speed gear set
  • Fits most Airsoft gearboxes
  • 13:1 Ratio - Great for high ROF builds

Building a speed demon of an AEG? You will need high speed gears to get the most out of it! The CNC steel High Speed Gearset from CYMA has a 13:1 ratio, which means every 13 motor turns the gearbox will cycle once, which is a step faster than standard 18:1 Airsoft gears. These gears pair perfectly with a high speed motor to provide a demonic rate of fire, as can be seen in the latest upgraded versions of CYMA's Platinum series AEGs. This gearset is designed for use with M120 springs and below only, so should be fine for most UK legal Airsoft AEGs but is not suitable for a DMR rifle with high FPS. This gearset is a version 2/3 set so should work in any AEG with a V2/3 gearbox and many others which share the same gears.

  • Complete V2 Gearbox for SMG-5 AEGs
  • MOSFET, High-speed motor & high-speed gears
  • Pre-wired to Deans and ready to drop in!

Whether you are upgrading your SMG-5 or repairing it, the CYMA CM.041G/CM.041H Complete Gearbox E-Edition High-Speed is a great excuse to do both at the same time! This gearbox is a Version 2, designed for CYMA CM.041 series SMG-5 AEGs but should fit most SMG-5 AEGs on the market (not SMG-5K) and also includes a high-speed motor of the long shaft variety.

As the heart of the CYMA E-Edition High-Speed Platinum AEG series, this gearbox is absolutely packed with upgraded parts. Highlights of the internals include the CYMA MOSFET/ETU system, steel high-speed 13:1 ratio gears, an aluminium silent piston head and cylinder head and a quick change spring system. Being a replacement original parts set, this gearbox is the exact setup found in the superb CM.041G and CM.041H AEGs, meaning if you have ever been envious of their performance you can now make your SMG-5 shoot just as nicely!

  • Complete V2 gearbox
  • Compatible with M4/AR-15 AEGs
  • Quick change spring, ETU/MOSFET & high torque motor

If you have had a gearbox failure and you don't fancy opening it up, the CYMA Complete Version 2 Gearbox w/High Torque Motor & ETU is a pre-upgraded and pre-wired replacement which can be installed with minimal effort and no need to solder or open the gearbox shell. As always, we recommend you have some technical experience before installing a new gearbox, but when it comes to Airsoft upgrades this is about as easy as they get.

This gearbox set is designed for M4/AR-15 AEGs and has the correct nozzle length and selector plate for the task and is also pre-wired to a Deans connector so you can benefit from a lower resistance connector for increased electrical efficiency. Also included with the set is a CYMA high torque Neodymium magnet motor, providing a very snappy trigger response and the power to handle stronger springs than a standard motor.

The icing on the cake is the pre-installed MOSFET/ETU which prevents gearbox lock-up on semi-auto, provides further improvements to the trigger response and a boost to the rate of fire. If your M4 gearbox has issues or you want to freshen up an old M4 with a brand new and pre-upgraded gearbox this set would be a fantastic choice, avoiding the messing around and getting you back to shooting with minimal effort!

  • Spring set for AK47/74 Version 3 gearbox
  • All springs except mainspring included
  • Fix up your old AK or build a gearbox!

If you are building a version 3 AK gearbox or you have an old AK AEG that needs a refit, this spring set will be useful! The set includes all the springs needed to complete a version 3 gearbox for AK AEGs except for the mainspring (the spring that provides the power). Maybe you have lost a spring, or your tappet spring got chewed up after a long and hard life? This spring set should give you all you need to get your AK doing its dirty work once again!

  • Polymer construction
  • For CM.041K and CM.041PDW
  • Replacement original CYMA part

If you have damaged your HOP-up unit and are looking for a replacement, CYMA are now offering their original HOP-up units as an aftermarket part. This unit is for the CM.041K and CM.041PDW AEGs, but will not fit the full sized CM.041 AEGs. The unit is constructed from polymer and comes complete other than the HOP-up rubber. The HOP unit, slider, c-clip and HOP nub are all included, so if you have lost or damaged one of these bits you are in luck!

  • Alloy construction
  • Compatible with CM.033 and CM.051
  • Replacement selector set for Thompson AEG

If you've lost a selector switch for your Thompson AEG, or even both, CYMA have you covered! The Selectors Set for CM.033/051 are packaged as a pair and are compatible with CYMA's Thompson AEGs, both the M1A1 and M1928 Chicago Typewriter variants. The selectors are constructed from alloy and finished in matt black.

  • Piston, piston head & O-ring
  • For version 2 & version 3 gearbox
  • Full steel tooth rack - Very strong

If you are looking for a replacement piston on the cheap with no performance compromises, CYMA to the rescue! The CYMA Steel Tooth Piston Set w/Piston Head includes the piston itself, a piston head and a piston head O-ring. The piston has a full 15-tooth rack of steel teeth, improving strength while keeping overall weight manageable, making it great for high performance builds. The set is designed for version 2 and version 3 gearboxes and will be provided in a random colour; either blue or green.

  • Steel construction
  • 4-Gear gear set 
  • For CYMA CM.057 series & Real Sword SVD

If you've stripped a gear in your CYMA or Real Sword SVD, you're in luck! The CYMA Steel Gear Set for CYMA/Real Sword SVD/SVU is a replacement original parts set for the CYMA CM.057 SVD/SVU AEG series and should also be compatible with the Real Sword Dragunov SVD. 

The gears are constructed from steel and come as a set of 4, replacing all gears inside the unique SVD gearbox. These gears are not compatible with the A&K Dragunov SVD, only the CYMA CM.057 series and the Real Sword Dragunov. 

  • MOSFET & Wiring
  • Replacement original parts
  • For version 2 gearbox equipped AEGs

If your CYMA MOSFET has met its end, or you want a cheap and cheerful upgrade, the CYMA MOSFET for V2 Gearbox; Front Wired is ideal. This MOSFET is a replacement original part for the CYMA Platinum AEG series and should work with any AEG which uses a version 2 gearbox. When installed, this MOSFET should improve trigger response and rate of fire, along with eliminating the chances of your trigger contacts becoming corroded. 

The MOSFET is pre-wired with two sets of spade connectors and is set up for front-wired AEGs. Please note, certain gearboxes will need modification to install this MOSFET/ETU unless they already have a slot in the shell designed for an electronic trigger. We only recommend this part for experienced users! 

  • Complete V2 Gearbox
  • Pre-shimmed from the factory
  • Includes Standard long shaft motor

Has your M4 stopped firing? Either can't or won't go inside the gearbox to diagnose the issue? If you are anything like me, you will appreciate this item, as replacing the complete gearbox is the most time and cost-efficient method of bringing a dead AEG back to life. The gearbox comes fitted with a fuse and mini Tamiya connector and is pre-shimmed at the factory. This is a basic but affordable gearbox and is compatible with the vast majority of AEG AR15 replicas.

  • For CYMA P90
  • Complete Gearbox
  • Replace All At Once

A complete V6 gearbox designed as a replacement for CYMA P90 AEGs to breathe new life into your weapon.

  • Pre-Assembled
  • High Torque Motor
  • Reinforced Alloy Gears

A pre-assembled, ready to use complete gearbox set designed for use in 6mm Airsoft BB replica M14 AEGs. With all the components assembled and in place, this gearbox is ready to be dropped into place in your M14 AEG, replacing any old and worn out gearboxes.

  • MOSFET/ETU Pre-installed
  • High torque motor included
  • Version 2 Long Gearbox - For SR25

If you're looking to revamp your old SR25 why not take a walk on easy street and replace the whole gearbox? The CYMA CM.098 SR25 V2 Long Gearbox Set w/Motor is the exact gearbox used in their CM.098 SR25 series and should be compatible with Classic Army style SR25 AEGs which use the version 2 long gearbox (Classic Army, CYMA and A&K). This gearbox is well equipped, and includes a MOSFET/ETU prewired in, a quick change spring system, an M130 spring and also includes a high torque Neodymium magnet motor. Perfect to fix up an old big boy AR!

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