MGP QD Sling Adaptor w/ Swivel - 20mm RIS / RAS Rail

Code: 00701050303
  • QD system
  • Swivel adaptor
  • 20mm RIS / RAS system

MGP brings us a high quality Quick Detach (QD) sling adaptor, allowing you to connect your weapon of choice to a sling. The QD system is locked in place by 4 steel ball bearings which are lowered with a push of the centre button to lock in place and release, again by pressing down the same button.

This version supports 20mm RIS / RAS rail system. Simply loosely screw the fixtures together using the Allen key included, then slide them onto your RIS rail, then tighten to lock the fixture in place and voila! Now you can attach and detach your sling swivel with ease, allowing for a dynamic and efficient playstyle on the battlefield.

No more unslinging your rifle from your back or shoulders!

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  • For 20mm RIS / RAS rail
  • Steel construction
  • Ball bearing lock
  • Attach / detach pressure button
  • Swivel design

Package Includes

  • QD Sling Adaptor w/ Swivel - M-LOK / KeyMod
  • Allen Key
  • Screw fixtures



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External Parts
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QD Sling Loop Mount Point
Package Includes
QD Sling Loop
QD Sling socket


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20mm RIS / RAS

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Sling Mount

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