Rare Arms HPA Input Adapter

Rare Arms
Code: S-HPA HOSE-01
  • HPA adaptor for Rare Arms AR15
  • Includes wrench
  • Maximum pressure 900psi

If you are the type of pioneering hero gigachad who intends to use their Rare Arms shell ejecting AR15 whilst skirmishing, we are in your awe! In recognition of your mission of pure virtue, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Rare Arms HPA Input Adapter, an airline adapter to convert the CO2 powered god gun, the Rare Arms AR15, to be fueled by high-pressure air, meaning you won't need to stop the killing spree every few magazines to swap out your CO2 cartridge!

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The HPA Input Adapter attaches to the Rare Arms AR15 pistol grip, threading into the CO2 compartment to provide an air hose attachment to which you mount your regulator and air tank. This adapter can be added and removed easily with the supplied wrench, meaning if you have a skirmish in the morning but need to shoot a movie with your shell ejecting hyper-realistic GBBR, you can!

The main thing holding the Rare Arms AR15 back from appearing on more skirmish sites is its CO2 power source, and whilst this provides a realistic feel, snappy recoil and excellent range, the capsule will deplete every few magazines, and requires precious time to replace. If you sacrifice a bit of realism and run the Rare Arms AR15 on HPA, you will never need to faff around loading a CO2 capsule into the grip again, and you keep on firing as long as you have a big enough cache of shells!

Rare Arms recommend that when using this adapter you do not exceed 900psi input pressure to avoid damage to the gun and potential injury. Given that a 12g CO2 capsule runs at around 800+ psi, this should give you a little bit more recoil and FPS than the original rifle powered by CO2, though this may come at the cost of wearing parts sooner than if the rifle is run solely on CO2 capsules. 


  • 900psi Maximum input pressure
  • For Rare Arms AR15
  • Includes wrench to attach the hose
  • Requires a regulator and air bottle/tank

Package Includes

  • Rare Arms HPA Input Adapter
  • Wrench



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Product Length
Approx. 23cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.073kg
Safety Data Sheet
Pressure should not exceed 900psi as this risks product failure and potential harm. The hose should be disconnected from your rifle after each skirmish or firing session.

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