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  • Red/Green Dot
  • Dot Thickness Adjust
  • Integrated 20mm Mount

A large Red Dot Sight which is built from Alloy and features integrated Lens Covers as well as Dot Thickness and Brightness adjustment dials, and Windage/Elevation adjustments to ensure your shots are always on target.

  • 20mm Mount
  • CR2032 Powered
  • 5 Brightness Levels

An Alloy constructed Compact Red Dot Sight which easily installs to 20mm RIS Rails to offer a precise Green Dot for aimed shots. The Windage and Elevation can be adjusted to have the dot directly on your point of impact for maximum precision.

  • Spot Further
  • Flip-To-Side Mount
  • Rubberised Armour

A series of Flip-To-Side Magnifiers for 20mm rails which are available in either a 3x or 5x magnification to align with a Red Dot Sight to help you reach out and touch targets further away than your naked eye would allow.

  • Tripod Included
  • Multi-Coated Lens
  • 20-60x Magnification

A 20-60x magnification Spotting Scope which comes included with its own Tripod, and has fully multi-coated lenses for a crystal clear image.

  • Wide Field of View
  • Quick Release Mount
  • Anti-Shock Reinforcement

An attractive compact Red Dot Sight with a wide field of view for 20mm RIS accessory rails, suitable for use as a CQB sight, or as a backup sight for another optic. 

  • Target Red Dot
  • Red Tinted Lens
  • Adjustable Brightness

A compact Red Dot Sight which offers a wide field of view and an easy to use and bright Red Dot, which can be simply adjusted using the included tool to accurately represent your BB point of impact.

  • 600m Range
  • Multiple Modes
  • FOV 122m@1000m

A 6x25 Laser Rangefinder which is perfect for Target Shooters and Airsofters alike, helping you to accurately measure ranges up to 600m. So the next time that guy at the Skirmish field claims his AEG can reach out to 100m+, you can prove them full of nonsense. 

  • Illuminated Reticule
  • Scope Rings Included
  • Tool-Less Adjustment

A crystal clear short dot style optic which is constructed from Alloy and offers a 1-5x Magnification with a 24mm Aperture. It accepts a CR2032 battery to illuminate the center of the crosshair with eleven levels of brightness. It comes included with low profile 20mm mounts to easily install it on your replica.

  • Fog & Shock Proof
  • 1/2 MOA Adjustment
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminium

A Short Dot style optic from Vector Optics which provides a clear and crisp image inside a 30mm tube, offering 1-5x magnification and a clean, easy to use crosshair with an illuminated point. An included set of scope mounts means you can mount this optic straight onto your Airsoft Gun/Firearm.

  • First Focal Plane
  • Illuminated Reticule
  • For AK/SVD Side Rail

The moment all AK/SVD owners have been waiting for; a PSO replica optic which offers 3-9x magnification, as well as an illuminated First Focal Plane reticule and correct SVD style Reticule.

  • First Focal Plane
  • Illuminated Reticule
  • Fog/Shock/Waterproof

This Short Dot style optic features a First Focal Plane Reticule, which means that the reticule stays at a constant ratio vs. the target no matter your magnification, allowing you to make accurate adjustments at different ranges and wind speeds etc.

Acquire your target and take them out with accuracy!

We stock a huge range of optics from budget to high-end magnified optics and red dots. All of them fit onto 99% of Airsoft guns on the market. Choose from a wide array of Holographic, Reflex, Magnified, Rifle Scopes and much more. 

Be ready for your next Airsoft skirmish, if you shoot in low light Airsoft arenas or have an upcoming night game, then be prepared with one of our Airsoft Optics today.

We also hold a range of Scopes that are perfect for your Airsoft sniper rifles. Featuring illumination, easy to adjust windage and elevation along with a mix of eye relieves and front lenses from 25 to 50mm wide.

If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
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